… And so ends our short exploration of Colin and Avery’s relationship. Were you hoping for something more detailed? Stick around for a while and you may just get your wish. Were you hoping for non-sequitur jokes about Ancient Butt Ancestors or a guy who is like Magneto but only for crotches? Those are probably coming up a lot sooner.

Other things that are coming up:

- Dog-watching weather. It’s supposed to be in the 60s this weekend in Philly, which means all the parks are going to be flooded with prime-ass dog-walking, which means I’m going to be parked on a bench someplace soaking up all the cute and/or ridiculousness. It’s like spending a few hours browsing pet videos on YouTube, only I’m absorbing more vitamin D and a decent amount of impulse-bought junkfood available in the Rittenhouse area.

- I’m about to finish up a huge writing journal that I’ve been working in since Sept. 20, 2009. Anyone who writes will tell you this is a pretty satisfying achievement, though I do have some regrets. The biggest of which is that only about 1/200 of the ideas in it were passably funny.

- Rua vs. Jones is this weekend. My coworker/life coach Kyle has convinced me this is going to be a pretty good fight. I have to admit, I’m pretty excited:

<3 Mike