Our submission for this year’s March MODOK Madness, a blog dedicated to the big-headed wonder run by a couple of Dana’s friends. I’d like to think we’ll manage another submission this year, but I’ve been struggling to write anything good lately, MODOK-related or otherwise, so I guess we’ll see what happens.

For those of you not familiar with MODOK, he’s a villain from the Marvel Comics universe (the same one with Thor, Iron Man, Spider-Man, etc.). His basic deal is that he volunteered to be mutated by these scientists/terrorists to be smart enough to understand how to use this all-powerful weapon called as the cosmic cube. I don’t remember what the problem with the cosmic cube was that required being super-smart and/or psychic to use it, but the science-terrorists decided it was necessary for whatever reason, hence the psychic monstrosity with the giant head and hover-chair.

As is the case with most super-powered biological abominations, MODOK quickly rebelled against his creators and took over their organization. Once he took over, I don’t think he really changed much besides being his own boss, but I admit that my knowledge of MODOK lore is hazy at best. If you want a more accurate rundown, I would head over to Wikipedia and have yourself a little read.

<3 Mike