There’s nothing worse than getting your ass beat by a bunch of 10-year-olds. Those kids can get pretty big, what with childhood obesity being what it is today.

Almost done with work* on the site. Barring some minor style inconsistencies, there should be nothing noticeably different about our page, besides that it loads faster. If anyone does notice any problems, mistakes or anything else, please leave a comment on the site or send us a message at I’m sorry about falling behind on responding to everyone’s comments as well. I do read every one of them, it’s just that working with JJ (the amazing programmer we hired) on the site has been much more time-consuming than I expected. Basically how it’s been going is that JJ will do a bunch of cool stuff to fix and improve the site, then I e-mail him 10,000 questions about how to use newly installed Tool X or how not to break Widget Y. This takes a long time, because as you guys know, I sure do love the sound of my own voice. But, we’re almost done, so that’s super-exciting. The sooner I can get back to writing rad** comics for you all, the better.

<3 Mike

Fun remix of MGMT’s Kids. Lame video, cool song. Safe for work.

* by “work,” I mean “watching someone way smarter than me do work.”

** by “rad,” I mean “about as interesting as a glass of tepid water.”