The moral of the story here is check your stoves people.

If you’re the sort of person with powerful eyeballs, you might be noticing some small cosmetic differences in the site. We’ve recently hired the great and powerful JJ from Digital Impulse to work on our page, fixing small mechanical problems and adding improvements that I was too stupid/lazy/extra-stupid to figure out on my own. It’s something we’d been putting off for a while, mostly because computer stuff tends to cause me meaningfully painful anxiety, but it had to be done if our site is going to grow into what Dana and I want it to be*.  JJ is fixing lots of back-end things that I’ll refrain from boring you with, but one thing worth mentioning is that he’s hooking Lead Paint up with some caching programs that should make it load way faster. This means that you can get your butt and eyebeam jokes with less delay, so that’s nice I guess.

As of this writing, there are still some loose ends to tie up here and there with the site, but once they’re all done I’ll let you guys know so you can poke around for errors and the whatnot, should any exist.

<3 Mike

P.S.: In honor of moving forward with our long-overdue computer work, here’s a little chiptune for your enjoyment: Tristan by Failotron.

* Ideally a way for troubled teens to learn the ins and outs of tooth decay