Another day, another comic about sex.

As you read this post, I am (presumably) in the city of Dallas, (presumably) working. It’s possible I could be doing other things, like stealing barbecue* secrets or trying to remember more thanĀ  two things about the Alamo**, but realistically, if I’m not working, I’m either sleeping, crying, or paying too much for a Starbucks breakfast. For you youngin’s, those are the only three leisures business trip allow, I promise.

Well, back to cry-sleeping I guess,

<3 Mike

* I hate how this word is spelled, even though it makes perfect sense.

** 1) Davy Crockett died there? 2) America lost to the Mexican Army? Or was it just Texas then? 3) It was over a border dispute? (see, I’m not doing so good here)