As we’ve shown before, Las Vegas is a terrible place. Every year I have to go there for work, and every year I hate it more and more. It’s not a major soul-crushing hate or anything, I’d actually equate my feelings for the city to getting stung by exactly three bees, every other day. It’s nothing that’s going to kill you (unless you’re allergic to bees or bee-metaphors I guess), but it’s definitely a horrible enough experience to make you miserable.

Normally I’d try to make more of that metaphor/beat it to death like a champ, but I have a moderate case of the flu right now and am having trouble concentrating and/or being the usual terrible writer that I am. My apologies, and if it makes you feel better, I was reminded today how much fun it is to shiver in bed for hours wrapped in every blanket and sweatshirt I own. There isn’t a better way to spend a Sunday, you ask me.

I will be in Dallas for work from Weds. to Friday. Updates will continue normally, as always, but if you have any specific messages for me, I won’t be able to answer until this Sat. Dana will be available like normal.

Happy Valentine’s Day by the way,

<3 Mike

Instead of a video about Vegas or illness or Valentine’s Day, let’s just watch the New X-men trailer and be surprised by how it doesn’t look half-bad: