If you guys are interested in a little inside scoop on Lead Paint, here are a couple things:

  • I had the idea for Butt Cops stuck in my head for weeks, but couldn’t quite get it right (I’m still not happy with it actually). It began with the concept for a character called “Dr. Butts,” whose deal was that he’d try to diagnose and cure all ailments by working with patients’ butts. Surprisingly, I couldn’t come up with any jokes for Dr. Butts that weren’t just “Derp derp butts lol,” so I moved on to the Butt Cops. Obviously the two ideas are night and day in terms of maturity, so there you go.
  • I’m working on a couple storylines right now with Colin and Avery that I think are going to be pretty good. They’re still a few months from being seen, but I’ll probably start on full-blown versions of the scripts either this weekend or next. Exciting!
  • As I’m writing this post, I almost listened to the entirety of “Champagne Supernova” on Pandora before remembering that I hate it and needed to hit the thumbs down button. Congratulations Oasis, you’re going on 20 years of being annoying.
  • I think we’re going to be doing March Modok Madness again this year. Probably just two strips, but if you’re into Dana’s drawings of superheroes (and villains) as much as I am, you should be pretty excited.

<3 Mike

I don’t feel like posting a cop-themed video, so you’re getting TV on the Radio instead. Enjoy!