As you read this post, I am someplace in sunny-yet-hellish Las Vegas for work. I won’t be back till early Saturday morning, so until then, my ability to talk with you guys will be pretty limited. The mighty Dana will still be here, guarding and tending the site like a super-strong mother falcon, it’s just me and my jokes about penises that will be missing. Sorry for the disappointment.

If it makes you feel better, here are a couple other nerdy debates you can have with your pals, if such a thing is something you enjoy:

  • Captain America (Steve Rogers) versus Daredevil: Who wins in a fight?
  • What would help you more in a life of crime:  The ability to jump incredible distances, like over a skyscraper or a few miles in lateral distance, or crude telekinetic control over any object smaller than a peach pit (“crude” meaning lifting, pushing, pulling and squeezing are all options)?
  • You’re able to enter the reality of any late 80s/early 90s T.G.I.F. sitcom and become a major antagonist to one of the main characters (a bully to Cory Mathews, a scientific rival to Urkel, etc.). Both the character you choose to harass and what kind of antagonist you become are up to you. What form of antagonist paired with what character will allow the longest conflict possible? Examples: A powerful music critic who has an insane grudge against Jesse Katsopolis, a manipulative drug-dealing friend for Cody, etc. The idea is to last as long as possible before the character is either able to triumph over your evil or otherwise outgrow your ability to influence his or her life.

<3 Mike