Lava is one of those things that’s inherently funny to me, like chubby dogs or a fresh new curse word. Hopefully you feel the same way and aren’t like, “Really Mike and Dana, lava? I am actually using sarcastic italics to express my disappointment at your unfunny narrative choices, that’s how upset I am with your crap update.”

If that’s the case, I’m sorry. Also, this is probably a bad time to tell you about our new comic, “Spittin’ Lavas with the Coopers.” In our defense though, the comic is more about growing up in Middle America as part of an unconventional family rather than anything to do with retching molten stone. See, the lava is actually a metaphor for the hidden conflicts boiling beneath society’s surface.

What’s not a metaphor is the bags and bags of cash Santarus is giving us to plug Zegerid week after week as a cure for lava-induced heartburn. Zegerid: The magic pill that keeps the burning rocks in your belly. Four delicious flavors, and plenty of fun shapes to chose from.

<3 Mike