Hooray! It’s the last strip of our long-running story arc! I hope everyone enjoyed the story. I have mixed feelings about it myself, but we got a decent amount of positive feedback on it, so I suppose I should put a scratch in the wall under the “net win” column. Certainly Dana and I had a lot of fun making these strips, so thank you everyone for reading along as we amused each other with a tale of hellborn rabbits and repeated human dismemberment.

Deathforge’s story is probably going to be the last continuous arc for a little while. I have a few other long stories loosely plotted out that I think will eventually make it to the site, but I want to wait a little while before jumping into another multi-month story. For the next few weeks, Lead Paint is going to be focusing on shorter, unconnected strips. ” A return to Lead Paint basics” I guess you could say.

Part of the reason for this return is writing shorter strips is starting to click for me, where before I used to struggle a lot to write tight, 3-panel gags, so I’d like to continue exploring this creative challenge if possible. There are plenty of other reasons for wanting to create shorter strips too, like actually having a backlog of strips completed so Dana and I aren’t pulling our hair our twice a week trying to create an acceptable, 12-panel comic about a farting lettuce golem who sings the blues before our morning deadline.

Let me tell you, when it’s late and you want to go to sleep, there is nothing less fun than trying to fine-tune jokes about farting automatons.

<3 Mike