Our bloody tale draws ever closer to its end. Only a few more posts to go before we’re back to the standard Lead Paint nonlinear deliciousness. Thanks for reading along so far, and if you enjoyed this story, stick around. There will be more like it a few months out.

I was going to write an absolutely knee-slapping post about how it’s hard to beat a good bloody walk in the woods, but you know, we’ve all been there. Let’s not dull the pleasures of shared experience with hackneyed and predictable jokes about how it’s just the worst when leaves get stuck in your freshly applied face-gore. Instead, why not discuss a couple other webcomics I think you guys might like?:

STARSLIP: Not exactly an undiscovered comic I know, but I’m going to make a possibly unfair assumption and say that around here in Lead Paint town, most of you probably know Mr. Straub for his work on the Blams or Chainsawsuit. I was like you once, totally turned off by the years of continuity and lack of characters known as Diarrhea Wizard, but I can tell you now that this was a mistake. Starslip is a very, very good comic, uniquely* imaginative and full of personality. Do yourself a favor, forget about knowing the couple years or so of backstory and add Starslip to your RSS reader. It’s not a hard comic to follow, just pick it up and stick with it I’m sure you’ll grow to love it as I do.

ALLAN: Fun autobiograhical comic about a likable kid in college. This should be the only strip you need to see to get an appreciation for this comic’s greatness.

OVERCOMPENSATING: Pseudo-autobiograhpical comic about the guy who runs Topatoco. It’s delightfully sarcastic and sufficiently whimsical that I think most of you all will dig it.

<3 Mike


*Yes I know using “unique” like that is one of the greater sins of adjective application, but “perceptually distinct enough that it seems nearly singular in occurance” just doesn’t have the same ring to it. In fact, it doesn’t have any ring to it at all.