The limbs are really starting to fly in part 8 of our story. If you’re a newcomer to our site, you can find the beginning of the story right here. For our returning readers, we paused the story on Thanksgiving, choosing to deliver a tasty and holiday-food themed update instead.

Gosh guys, I’m not sure what else to write about today. I had a really nice Thanksgiving holiday, and I hope the rest of our readers in the states did as well. It was probably the first Thanksgiving for me where I had a lot of vegetarian stuff to eat, as opposed to just glutting myself on sides like I normally do,  so it was kind of like coming back to the holiday after taking about 5 years off. Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday of mine, so it’s nice to be back into the fold.

Otherwise, I don’t think I have much interesting to write about. I’m about to finish the Tweet me Harder book, which has been a pretty good read so far. I’m a fan of the podcast, but I have to say I really like reading it in book form more. Podcasts are good treadmill grist or background noise when you’re cooking, but something about sitting down to actually read the jokes makes them “sharper” I guess?  I don’t know, maybe I’m a little biased towards the written word, but still, if you’re even a moderate fan of the show, I’d recommend picking the book up. There are some good jokes in the footnotes, and if you’re familiar with Malki and Straub’s voices, the show translates really well to print.

<3 Mike