Of all the gerbils to appear in a whirl of black smoke and purple lightning, the Gerbil of War probably isn’t too high on the list of what you’d want to materialize. The gerbil of sunshine and hugs, sure. The gerbil of Xboxes, maybe. War though? That’s on the list with a bunch of other things like stomach punches, electric bills and ex’s that you never want to see a giant bipedal rat from hell advocating.

If you’re new to the comic and wondering how we got to a place where hunting knives are being wished for, you can hop back to the beginning of this particular story arc by clicking this link right here. If you’re a returning reader, you might be interested to know that I’ve almost finished writing the rest of this arc, meaning that we should be back to unconnected comics about depression, anti-consumerism and butts pretty soon. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty excited about that. A long story about animal-based demons is nice, but you can’t beat a good joke about butts, you just can’t.

<3 Mike


(Are we getting to the part of the Internet where the animal videos maybe start getting a little weird?)