The plot thickens like a fine gravy in part 3 of our haunted rabbit story. I hope you all are enjoying  it so far. I know we usually don’t do interlinked story-strips, but once and a while it’s kind of fun to experiment with different writing styles. If you don’t like it, don’t worry! I’m sure I’ll ultimately become frustrated and depressed about the overall quality of the arc and want nothing more than to write one-off jokes about barf or eyebeams again.

Or … maybe I’ll be driven mad* and decide that my life’s work should be graphic recreations of the Babysitters’ Club books, completely word-for-word identical. Except maybe all the characters will be anthropomorphic animal-teens or also be attending a high school for ninjas or something. You know, gotta keep with what’s popular for the kids if you want your work to be relevant and appreciated.

<3 Mike


*I know what you’re thinking. “Why would Dana continue working with you after you’re driven mad?” I’m sure her response would be something like, “Wait, he’s not mad now?”