Part 2 of a little story following Colin and his recently adopted bunny. I didn’t plan on this idea developing into a longer story, but I think it’s going to take us someplace cool, so we’re going to run with it for a bit. Also, let’s all hope I’m not confusing “cool” with “terrible” again. It’s a thing I do, especially when I’m “writing.”

Do you guys know about Plan B? It’s a webcomic about a supervillainess trying to get by in a super-hero filled world. The art is stylish and really great in places, there’s lots of action, and the story and writing are imaginative and sometimes very sharp. Lethal mechanical crab hands, teleportation and a Russian sidekick who seems to be sexually attracted to machines all play prominent roles in the plot, so basically, if you’re not interested in reading now, you don’t know what fun is.

Plan B is just starting it’s final chapter now, so if you start from the beginning now, you should be able to reach the end of the comic just as it’s wrapping up. Start from the beginning right here.

<3 Mike