I hope you don’t mind us continuing our indulgences into monster-themed comics. Halloween may be over, but the demon-obsessed muse hasn’t quite left Dana and I. Maybe by Spring* we’ll be ready to make comics that don’t reference the devil or the consumption of souls in some capacity, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. Like freebasing cupcakes or World of Warcraft, writing about the occult is one of those things that seems uninteresting and dull at first, but once you start, it’s all you can think about. Plus how you’re 50 pounds heavier and can only smell frosting, but mostly, it’s the former.

<3 Mike


Cute, or waiting for a chance to kill?

* I actually have something cool planned for around December that is decidedly non-occult, but that’s a long ways away in Lead-Paint time. I haven’t even plotted the sequence out yet, which means there’s a 75% chance of me deciding it’s the least funny thing I could possibly do and not follow through for the sake of the entire Internet.