Here is the sixth released page from our monster survival fieldbook. Two more entries to go in this fine month of October, and if want to peep the first entry in this series, you can see it right-darn-here.

Mike Secret: I haven’t read any of the Harry Potter books. Surprising I know, since normally I can’t open my mouth without puking up a big pile of nerd, but for whatever reason the books just don’t interest me. I don’t know, I’m not saying the books are bad or dumb, but I just can’t help find the main character completely unlikable. Plus, all the faux-British made-up slang like “muggle” really grates on me for some reason.

If I had more free time, I’d probably give the books a read out of curiosity, but since free time is a pretend thing for me these days, I’veĀ  had to prioritize my reading list down to books I have legitimate interest in. Right now I’m reading through Then We Came to the End and the Tweet Me Harder book playing the crap out of Dragon Quest IX, so until I finish that up I won’t be touching any books about whiny preteen wizards.

<3 Mike

Based off books I will probably re-read before touching Potter.