Those of you looking for my usual and deliciously rambling blog post, don’t worry, it’s just a few lines down. I’ve just got to drop this news first:

Lead Paint is changing its update schedule from Sunday and Wednesday to Monday and Thursday. We decided to do this mostly because it will give us a full weekend to work on comics, instead of just having Saturday to work on Sunday’s comic, but it’ll also help us keep track of our web traffic a little better. Because Sundays are such a slow Internet day, it’s hard to gauge how many people are reading on an update day. This doesn’t matter much now, but it’s going to start to make a difference when we start advertising in a few months and Dana and I have to track how well our ads are preforming and all that crap.

The move will be effective after today’s update, meaning our next update will be on Monday, October 4th. 

Thanks everyone, and our apologies to those of you who liked to read on Sundays. If it makes you feel better, we’re making this change so we can make you better, and eventually more, comics to read.

Now back to my usual bullshit,
<3 Mike


Consciously or not, people dress all kinds of different ways to control other people’s perception of who they are.  A guy wearing an Affliction tee wants to think he’s  tough, a guy wearing a salmon-colored polo wants you to think he’s fun and stylish, and a guy in a rock band tee and ripped-up old jeans wants you to think that he’s into music. There’s nothing wrong with this behavior, it’s just how the human mind and first-world culture works I guess.  There are some articles of clothing though, flat caps being one example, that never, ever, EVER work within this socially manipulative context. I don’t care how many weights you lift or how Irish you actually are, anytime I see a dude in a flat cap, the first and only thing I think is, “Oh look, there’s an idiot.”

(Unless you’re a dad in your mid-to-late 50s. Then I guess I think something like, “Oh look, there’s a older gentleman who has grossly overestimated how much people care about archaic ethnic tokens. Poor bastard.”)

<3 Mike


When you wear a flat cap, you are still not in the Dropkick Murphys.