Couple things:

  • Sorry for the super-late post today. Still shaking out a few gremlins from last week’s onerous workloads, but after today Dana and I should be all caught up.
  • I’ve only been in the city for about two months, and already I’m starting to hate out-of-towners. This is partially because I feel like I’m lumped in with their expectations of tourism (“Look honey, a hipster! Oh my, he’s an especially dirty one too!”), but also because I basically hate every kind of person already, so there’s a perverse mental completionism playing a roll here.
  • After a week that was maybe a little too stressful, I’m staring down the barrell of a Sunday full of leftover pizza, football and Dragon Quest IX. There aren’t enough 1980s adjectives to describe how great it’s going to be.

Getting ready for an awesome tubular radical Mondale Sunday,

Mike (<3)


No special reason for posting this video, I just love this song a lot.