Being a vegetarian in the suburbs is way different than being a vegetarian in the city. I’ve only ever lived in the suburbs, so I’m not used to being a part of such an accommodating society.  Example: The equivalent of a 7-11 by my apartment offers a pretty rad selection of hand-made vegetarian sandwiches. Veggie cheesesteaks, Italian Sausages, even BLTs, all delicious and FROM A SEVEN-ELEVEN FOR GOD’S SAKE. When you go to a bar or restaurant this friendliness persists, deliciousness increasing at a rate humans struggle to perceive.

In fairness, outside the city vegetarian options do exist. They’re scarce though that you have your choice of roughly six food types: Pizza, pasta, eggs/breakfast stuff, veggie burgers and the dreaded grilled cheese. After 6 years, that gets pretty old.

<3 Mike


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