Does everyone know what a lunch truck is? I’ve been told that every city doesn’t have them, but in Philadelphia we have as many as we have  murders. Which is to say, we have a lunch truck pretty much on every corner.

A lunch truck is a little wheeled cart where a person, possibly a crazy one, will make you food to-order, most likely off a little griddle inside the cart. Cheesesteaks, hamburgers, turkey sandwiches, whatever. Basically you can get any kind of Americana/Philadelphian food you want. The cool thing about lunch trucks, besides being able to get a hot meal quickly, is they for some reason exist outside the modern food-price structure, meaning you can get a hearty meal on the cheap. I usually get an egg-and-cheese sandwich, or as I like to call it, “the most dignified eating below the poverty level can look.”

<3 Mike