Yee-hah! More comics about the office! Looks like we’re that much closer reaching that hot syndication goal we talked about last week.

Hypothetical arguments are one of my favorite things. If you and your friends have similar brain mechanics/mental problems to me, here are a few imaginary scenarios you might enjoy:

  • Gravity shuts off across the entire planet tomorrow. Are you able to survive, and if so, for how long? (here are the caveats for you science assholes out there: Oxygen and the rest of the Earth’s gasses will stay indefinitely, and the planet itself will not dissipate because of gravity’s absence. Water, for whatever reason, is affected by the loss of gravity until it gets to the mesosphere, where it will freeze and go no further up. All other physical laws still exist. So, you might be able to jump off the planet, but you would still be affected by friction from the air, etc.) Bonus points for discussing or realizing anything cool that might happen, like insects quickly evolving to enormous sizes without the confines of gravity to restrict them.
  •  Assume civilization has basically ended because of a massive and sudden outbreak of vampires. How do you live? How does civilization rebuild? For the sake of this example, assume vampires with a classic power-set, meaning they have increased strength and speed; can shapeshift into mist, bats or wolves; have hypnosis and dream manipulation powers;  and flight. They also have all the classic weaknesses, except they can enter any house uninvited.
  • If you were to be a character like the Punisher in real life, how would you go about it without getting immediately killed or arrested? How long do you think you could last?

<3 Mike


This next one isn’t actually that horrible:

And this one? Amazing, mostly for different reasons than the previous one …