Sorry for the later post today. I was actually out buying furniture, which oddly enough I feel like is an excuse that only a white person would offer. “Sorry Christine darling, I couldn’t make Elena Jane’s riding pageant because I was browsing for amoires for the breakfast study. You know how I’ve been just dying for a place to put the china …” Or, in my case, I needed to get some furniture that wasn’t a milk crate or a dusty clump of oxygen. I guess that’s kind of six one way, half-dozen another though.

I still don’t have Internet, which is kind of stupid, but Verizon is supposed to be  mailing me the required jive by this Friday (I think), so hopefully I’ll be up soon. So, if you’re a reader with a comment or e-mail floating in the aether, I’m so sorry and either myself or Dana will get to it as soon as we can, I promise.

<3 Mike 

I couldn’t find anything remotely relevant to go with the comic today, so you guys are getting Muppets. Sorry!