I’m not sure when Best Buy stopped being fun, but now, whenever I enter one of the stores, I feel like I’ve entered “Traveling Gerald’s Fancy Computer Circus,” a place where all merchandise is probably stolen and buying a functioning electronic has more in common with your ability to win at carnival games than understanding the workings of modern technology. 

I hate the store, but frequently end up there either out of technology emergency (“Shits I need a thumb drive!”) or my gross personal sloth. Certainly I am smart enough to handle buying electronics off my beloved Amazon.com, or even New Egg if I could make myself care enough to do some research, but that almost never happens. Nap leads to nap, DS session leads to DS session, and before I realize it I’m in the guile competition of my life trying to get a decent printer from a pear-shaped teenage hussler who has deeply enhanced his lying skills via a combination of marijuana and careful pacts with the devil.

<3 Mike


(If MC Lars ever gets tired of rapping, he should play football or rugby or something. Dude is HUGE.)

POST-SCRIPT: If people are wondering what the verdict was on “forwards” and “backwards” being words, reliable sources point to no, meaning the plural is incorrect. They do indeed follow the same rule as “toward” and “afterward.”