Here are some other things that are getting boring:

  • Exercising. Why can’t I just nap to get healthy? This is a huge design flaw in human biology, if you ask me.
  • TV. I know we’ve talked about it before, but I’m really getting pretty far gone here. I’m actually getting a sick pleasure from not having cable in my new apartment.
  • Walking. If anyone can sell me a good pair of spring shoes, you know, something that will let me clear a block in a few hops, shoot me an e-mail at NO ROCKET SHOES PLEASE, because I’m sure as hell not paying for fuel every week.

Also, serious grammar question for everyone:

I know that “towards” and “afterwards” aren’t words (it is “toward” and “afterward” for those who are less linguistically anal), but what about “forwards” and “backwards?” I imagine they would follow the same rule and not include the “s,” but that’s 100% conjecture on my part.

The reason I ask is because I was writing something for the site that included the phrase “pants on forwards,” and it was driving me nuts because I couldn’t figure out which was correct. If no one knows, I’ll ask some of the more experienced writers at work, who will probably know. Not that it matters especially for the script, I’m just curious I suppose.

<3 Mike


This video goes from hilarious announcer and stock “tension” music to awesome about 56 seconds in.

Lots of older firemen have a hard time talking/being on camera. BONUS: At 2:47, goes over the first explosion with first-hand interviews.

Kind of corny, but I still laughed.