Well hi everybody! Dana and I thought after a few weeks of continuity it might be fun to move away from that for a bit and explore some of the different pleasures of storytelling, like eyebeams or what it might be like if Spider-Man was also a detective. Enjoy!

PERSONAL LIFE FACT: As I write this post, I am actually dead in the middle of moving to a new apartment, so forgive me if I cut things a little short. Most of my brain space is occupied with fun things like obsessively worrying about money and sink catches for broken garbage disposals, which while important, don’t exactly make for interesting conversation. Or maybe Lead Paint’s reader base intersects perfectly with home-improvement hobbyists and you guys just LOVE talking about broken garbage disposals and how to fix them, I don’t know. What I’m getting at here is this blog post is going to be a little disappointing, no matter your ability to fix plumbing.

Here are some little bullets to mull on until my brain comes back:

  • If you aren’t too familiar with Virginia Woolf, she is actually pretty interesting if you’re into literature, specifically of the early modern British type. Her subject matter might not always be the most thrilling material, but I remember in college always liking her stuff. Plus, she was a feminist, possibly bipolar and also committed suicide, so all that makes for an interesting biography if you ask me.
  • If you actually want to see Spider-Man use guns, there is a Spider-Man vs. Wolverine story from 2008 where that sort of happens. It’s a What-If tale, so it’s outside of official Marvel continuity, but in the story Wolverine and Spider-Man become spy hunters for Nick Fury. I don’t remember if Spider-Man ever actually uses guns (all my comics are packed), but I’m pretty sure he at least modifies his web-shooters to fire bullets, so that’s pretty fun. I think this is the comic, but I’m not positive.
  • Moving is not very fun, in case anyone has any confusion on that subject

<3 Mike