Well hey everybody! We’re trying something a little new at Lead Paint: Running a storyline for a couple of weeks. Hopefully it’s not too terrible, but don’t worry, if I feel it start to sag towards the end, I’ll just jam bunch of curse words and flamethrowers in at the end. If you missed the beginning of this storyline, you can see it right here.

So if you’re unfamiliar, the thing about Godot is that it’s a french name, so you’re supposed to say it like the French do, which is Go-Dough. It’s like how people say “Tor-tee-ah” instead of “Tor-till-ah” chip, unless you’re like me and opt for the authentic Mexican pronunciation, which is “exquisite cheese shovels.”

Anyway, the moral of the story here is, “Say your words right, otherwise a tiny girl may choke the shit out of you in a coffee shop.” Also, “Strangling people you’ve just met because they made a common pronunciation error may cause people to judge you in certain ways,” is another good one, but I think we can agree it has less danger about it than the former.

<3 Mike