This comic is a little truer that I’d like it to be. In my defense though, I will say that I haven’t seen Eclipse yet, mostly because as an adult, it’s pretty hard to find 2.5 hours I can waste on something relatively terrible just to satisfy my curiosities towards re-imagined supernatural folklore and entertaining, high-speed violence.  I’ve found one of the worst challenges of growing up to be that it’s just impossible to blow off your responsibilities for a day and read something like Dracula vs. King Arthur or catch up on your electronic monster slaughtering. Instead, it seems like you have to steal these little moments of pleasure in-between your day-to-day tasks of trying to keep your heart from exploding due to stress/fatty blockages, finding at least five hours to sleep a night, and keep your sanity intact when stuck in a meeting for millionth time with a supervisor who actually says things like, “I think we need to focus more on best practices.”

Don’t get old kids, unless, you know, you like money or fatty blockages.

<3 Mike