Other instances where it might be nice to be able to kick people back in time:

  • Getting out of small talk. Instead of listening to a 45-minute rant about Tiger Woods or health care, enjoy handing out a nice, skull-splitting roundhouse and a scream of “WHY DON’T YOU SWIM WITH SOME PLESIOSAURS!”
  • In any situation when you have to spend more than 10 minutes with family family who doesn’t read your webcomic
  • When you’re facing supernatural creatures that you aren’t equipped to kill. No silver bullets? No problem! Send that annoying lycanthrope to theĀ  Jurassic! Plus, there is the added bonus of your time-stream hijinks possibly creating werewolf dinosaurs, which we can all agree has only upsides
  • To help a scientist that is curious about the distant past. Don’t forget to kick some equipment back for him too!

Have a happy 4th everyone who’s in the states!

<3 Mike