Hooray, another fear comic! If you want to see the first, you could click here to travel back in time four days.

I guess a Logophobe would be the opposite of a linguaphile, of which I consider myself to be? If you’re like me and pop a chub when someone uses a phrase like “thunder clapping in my brain like graphic halflings,” here are some things you should check out:

  • Achewood. I know I praise this comic all the time, but since we’re talking about mastery of English, I need once again type its name. Check out exhibit A of how amazing Chris Onstad is at writing.
  • Wondermark is also very nice. Check out this little linguistic gem, with its prefatory piece being right here.
  • Penny Arcade certainly has its moments, with this fine little blog post being a recent favorite, along with this all-time great comic.

I know what you’re thinking. “Gee Mike, we’re talking about the peaks of English language, and the best you can do is mention three semi-famous webcomics? What about, you know, a book?”  To which I respond:

Listen T.C. Boyle, I’m sorry that I can’t find my portable Faulkner to crank out a few block quotes about wisteria and the existential decay of post-war Snopes county. Until then, you’re going to have to forgo the literary reach-arounds and settle for jpegs about shape-shifting sauropods and cats who talk in an endearing rap-dialect.

<3 Mike