Not sold on an adaptation of The Stranger for Jimmy and Janey Kindergartner? Check out these other Lead Paint children’s classics in the works:

  • Sesame Cul-de-sac: Elmo, Abby Cadabby and Maria sit trapped in a hotel room in hell, alternatively learning about counting and the excruiating pain of human relationships.
  • Dora’s Time Party: Carried by a colorful singing volkswagen beetle named “Nanny Time Carriage,” Dora and Boots the Monkey travel to different periods in history, observing events loosely described in Freud’s Future of an Illusion.
  • Growing up with Baby Barney: The tiny T-rex learns the value of the will to power as he breaks the necks of his brothers between his teeth to become the Alpha of his hatchery.

<3 Mike