Working out the proper ratio of rodents, beaver or otherwise, is a hard thing. Or maybe it’s really easy, I don’t know. I’ll admit that I’ve never actually tried.

Speaking of trying though, I have to apologzie to the few dozen commenters I haven’t been able to respond to in the last few weeks. The size and vocalness of Lead Paint’s auidence has been growing very quickly, and I confess I was totally taken off guard by how hard it is to respond to them all.

I promise, vow and swear by all the super heroes that don’t suck that Dana and I read every comment, and each one is treasured and loved as if it’s a birthday present and we’re 10 again. This comic has been blessed (somehow) which exceptionally clever, funny and thoughful fans, and it’s always a joy to read what you guys have to say to us.

We will appear and answer them when we can, but answering 20-30 comments a week just isn’t feasible for us sometimes. We apppreciate the kindness of you dropping us a line, and if it’s any consolation, if I’m not responding to comments, it usually means I’m hard at work writing new material for the site.

As always, thanks for reading,