Avery needs to broaden her sight and look at the big picture. So what if no kids read anything distinct or of value, ever? They’re so keyed into video games these days, we’ve basically raised a few generations’ worth of electronic warriors, trained to gleefully kill anything via computer, just like in Ender’s Game*. Seems like a worthwhile tradeoff to me–deal with swarms of dull-eyed, witless brats  gnawing on their Narruto softcovers for sustainance in exchange for humanity not being enslaved by despotic spider-rapists** from Mars.

What I’m saying is that the next time you see a 10-year-old wheezing as s/he sloppily gums a Zu Zu pet while beating Halo for the 100th time, you should salute him/her proudly because that’s the exact kind of behavior that’s going to save us from painful, intergalactic web-rapings.

On a semi-tangent, I Saw Iron Man 2 last night. It was okay. Some cool special effects, decent acting and some well-crafted dialogue in places. I just wasn’t that crazy about the script. I feel like a lot of the charm and fun of the first film was following Stark, watching him grow into the role of a hero and  also seeing his genius in action as he made and perfected the suit. The second movie really has far less of these moments. Instead it’s a lot like the Dark Knight in sense that it’s very villain-driven. This is okay I guess, certainly the Dark Knight was a good movie, but for Iron Man 2 I feel this made everything seem dull and less emotionally engaging. The main characters are kind of static, which is a shame since Tony Stark’s has so many interesting emotional areas to explore.

I had other little complaints with the movie, like how there’s a lot of deus-ex-machina and silly one-liners, but I don’t want to get off on a whole “thing” here.  My main issue is that the movie seems very rehashed and predictable, kind of like the 1,000 teen vampire books out there, or the dozens of monthly super-hero books with recycled plots knocking off the latest genre success again and again until the next big hit worth mimicking arrives. 

<3 Mike


*Kind of. I recall the training in Ender’s Game not being all that gleeful, and actually being full of crying children and severe emotional scarring. It was, however, before Gears of War and Cheetos existed though, so I don’t see that being a problem today.

** I realize the alien naming convention is a little opaque, so to clarify: The spider-rapists are spiders who also rape, not beings who are interested in sexually assaulting spiders. The latter would make for some interesting extraplanetary guests, if for no other reason that they’d certainly liven up arachnology conventions