As previously discussed, Dana and I have a pretty ridiculous writing process. If anyone was to ever find my brainstorming notebooks for the site, I imagine the consequence would be some kind of combination of the Scarlet Letter and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Imagine the details of such an event as you will.

I’ve had to shut off the site’s recently installed super-cache plugin, a program which would greatly speed up our site, because it was making all kinds of problems. The most notable for you all would have been problems with the random button and colossal lag when posting a comment. Everything should be working as intended now.

After this comic goes up, I’ll be making some additions to our “Friends” linkroll in the right sidebar. Of note would be the very wonderful Left-handed Toons webcomic, which is really quite wonderful. If you like absurdest humor like I do, or are into comics like The Perry Bible Fellowship, I recommend checking it out. I’ve also added the band Better Late, of which a former coworker and hero of mine is a part. Chrissie has a beautiful voice, and their music is quite good, if you’re down with the indie-pop (which I happen to be). Give them a listen so you can tell all your friends you knew about them before they were huge.

Also, last thing real quick: This April was the best month the comic has ever had, by far. Thanks everyone for reading and talking about our little comic, it means a lot to Dana and I.

<3 Mike

(sorry for the duplicates, it’s a known issue with grooveshark, which will hopefully be fixed soon)