Question time is one of my favorite games. We play it a lot at work, which I’m sure is awesome for people in nearby cubes. Who wouldn’t want to listen to loud, babbling conversations about what the best apex predator is or if olives are a real food or not?

QUESTION TIME ONE: It’s true that I listen to wimpy music sometimes. This is because I’m kind of a wimp. For a fun time, scroll down to the bottom of this post to hear some samples of some embarrassing favorites of mine.

TWO: Don’t ask me what made me think of this comic, because I don’t know. I do love his voicework in the first Turtles movie though. I think he did a killer job.

I’ve met a few people lately who pick Donatello as their favorite turtle. To me that’s absurd.  I don’t know, he’s like a non-turtle to me. Yes he’s kind of cool, but he always felt like such a background character that I don’t get feeling the most affection towards him. The only real choice in terms of turtle-favoritism to make is between Michelangelo and Raphael. Your answer will most likely depend on whether you prefer breakdancing and skateboards or brooding and punching (This is one of the hardest questions to ask yourself in life).

THREE:  Sometimes when I’m bored or overcome with daydreaming fits, I’ll think of ways that other superheroes or villains could kill Wolverine. I’m not a huge fan of the character, to be honest. Sure, Wolverine is cool at certain times and places, but overall I think it’s pretty annoying that every character in the Marvel U is like, “Ooooh, Wolverine I’m so scared of you because you’re such a badass!” I mean, he’s just a guy with knife-hands that is a little faster and tougher than normal. How is that at all cool or useful in a world where every thrid person can fly or shoot lasers from their hands?

90% of Wolverine’s fights with other super-powered beings make no sense. Example: After the second or so time he stabbed Juggernaut’s eyes out,  why Juggernaut didn’t grab Wolverine and throw him into orbit or something is beyond me. Rest assured, if I ever get to write X-men, that’s one of the first things I’ll do: Give wolverine a fitting and logical end.