Well hi everybody, welcome to another Wednesday update.  Ready guys? THEN LET’S GET BLOGGING!

WHAT IS BEST: Confession time: I love the Conan the Barbarian movies. Like Roadhouse and Enter the Dragon, there is nothing bad about the Conan movies, and I will watch them every single time they come on TV. I don’t know, they’re like watching an awesome DnD game with fantastic dialogue and Arnold being delightfully incredulous to pretty much everything.

Also, Achewood has been a little crappy for a while, but it’s still one of the best things in the world, no joke. If you’ve never read it before, I would start right here, then never look back. This is where the cats are introduced. They are the best characters, but you still have a lot of reading to do before things get awesome. Achewood is like love or making cupcakes: You’ve got to put the work in and deal with stuff that doesn’t make sense before you can savor the fineness of of food-colored sprinkles and frosting that is basically butter combined with sugar.

SCOTT PILGRIM:  I was nervous about Cera playing Scott at first, but after watching the clip my fears have been slashed away with a fire sword, disapating into so many gold coins.

Also, check out Dana’s Jesus. That’s a pretty good Jesus if you ask me.

REPO MEN IN 17 SYLLABLES: Hooray for a kind of dated joke!

Anyway, not that I don’t love dystopian futures AND violence, but any movie where you can piece together the whole film from the trailer is pretty much yawn-city. A future where consumerism and corporations have created a kind of nightmare state, and someone within the very nightmare engine has change of heart? A change of heart inspired by female love interest no less? You don’t say! That sounds really interesting! And by interesting, I mean I’ve seen this movie 1,000 times before.

I do not want to see it 1,001 times, if I wasn’t being clear enough above.

<3 Mike


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