Dana and I have conversations like this more than you would imagine. Though the above moment in the comic never really happened, here’s a couple similar instances from REAL LIFE that I can recall right now:

  • About a week ago, Dana and I had a reasonably long discussion about a children’s cartoon character felating a being that is essentially a walking nightmare, and whether that was “too much” or not for a comic.
  • Both of us spent a good chunk of time trying to come up with a sound effect for a foot striking old-lady genitals. The awesome thing is that we ended up going with a vanilla ”wham,” which made the whole exercise that much more ridiculous in retrospect.
  • Speaking of sound effects, you’d be surprised how much time I spend coming up with vomit sound effects.
  • A lot of effort was put into creating the breasts of a fictional transgender cabby. How fake they should look, how big they should be, how he would show them off, etc.

I could go on and on. Tentacle rape, shitting out things that shouldn’t be shat, how to place a crotch-based time portal, there are so many absurd and comically vulgar things that Dana  and I have devoted enormous amounts of time to get just right, like alchemists who slave not over a formula for gold, but for mathematical accuracy in telling the perfect football-in-crotch joke. Every once and a while while Dana and I working, it dawns on us that just how ridiculous what we’re writing about with such seriousness is. We’ll laugh for a while, mutually embarrassed, then one of us will say something like, “Okay, seriously though, if she’s going to be shooting lasers out of her boobs, we need an extra panel of her charging them up because otherwise the transition is going to get all mangled.”

Before I forget, in case anyone missed it last week, Lead Paint is now going to be updating biweekly, Sundays and Wednesdays.

<3 Mike


  • “Love is Paranoid”–The Distillers. Scratchy female vocals + catchy little punk tune is a pretty nice time, if you ask me.
  • “No Fun in Fundamentalism”–NOFX. Happy little tune that mixes humor and a childish sing-songiness with a bunch of horrible topics. Funny, catchy AND insightful. Thanks NOFX!
  • “Catalina”–The Descendents. I just re-bought this album (Milo goes to College) for like the fifth time because I for some reason keep losing it. Catalina is one of my favorite songs off it, though honestly, they’re all fantastic. Basically, if you don’t own this CD, you’re doing life wrong.