Yeah, that’s right. I’ll type it again, this time without the caps.

These Wednesday updates, they’re a forever thing.

After much discussion, mostly about how much both of us hate blogging, we decided to turn these creative experiments, or “speed comics” as we call them,  that we’d been working on into material for permanent second updates. I started writing them partly because I’m fascinated by cartoonists like Kate Beaton who can hammer out just the nicest, simplest and most hilarious jokes in only a few panels and minimal time (her speed/sketch-style comics at least. I assume she invests much more time in her inked, more “formal” strips). I also started writing them because I really want to be able to simplify my writing and joke-telling. I can sometimes spend three, four hours writing a single strip, which I don’t necessarily always have a problem with, but as you can imagine, such a time investment isn’t always ideal. Working in black and white, limiting the available text to what Dana can hand-letter, and giving myself about an hour to write as many comics as I can, I’ve found to make coming up with simpler jokes much easier.

I can’t speak too much about Dana’s process, but I do know that she’s hand-drawing all these,  as opposed to using a computer drawing tablet, spending about 15 minutes on each. If you have more questions about how she makes them, you can ask her at mail@leadpaintcomics.com, or by leaving a comment below this blog post.

I don’t know that our Weds. updates will always be these collections of black-and-white minicomics, but for the short term, that will probably be the case. Obviously if we could, Dana and I would paint a hilarious, crotch-joke-themed Sistine Chapel for you every day, but sadly, the constraints of time dictate otherwise.

Hope you enjoy the new comics and more frequent updates, and see you on Sunday for our normal, full-color update.

<3 Mike