So! Colin has new eyes. All the better for peeping at things, no doubt. If you’re interesting in an explanation of why Dana made the change, click here for a new batch of words on your computer screen.

Today’s comic was inspired by the dozens of times I haven’t noticed minor appearance changes in my girlfriend. Here is a short of list of the typical things I miss:

  • New clothes
  • New jewelry, purses or other accessories
  • New haircuts or styles of makeup
  • Birthdays
  • The addition of extra arms
  • The subtraction of arms, extra or otherwise
  • Evil girlfriend dopplegangers who have done enough homework to get past my tough screening questions,  like “You wanna get something to eat?”
  • Evil girlfriend dopplegangers who have not done enough homework to get past my screening questions and are overtly trying to kill me with a giant carving knife
  • Some forms of vampirism
  • Birthdays
  • Painted fingernails and/or toes

Now, a pessimist would see this and think, “Boy Mike, you sure are unobservant and possibly braindamaged.” Me though, I’m an optimist. I see it from the angle of “So I didn’t immediately recognize that an alternate version of you, escaped from the Tennessee dimension, had kidnapped you and was trying to murder me, aka the ’loose end,’ with a Browning A-Bolt II Medallion Hunting Rifle.  That’s because I love you Honey, and the little things don’t matter to me.” See? Being unobservant is totally half-empty/full thing, like volcano eruptions or bee attacks.  

The “realists” of you who take the middle ground and point out that I’m just a jerk, it would be appreciated if you could keep your relevant and constructive opinions to yourselves.

<3 Mike


Boy guys and girls, I don’t know. I didn’t take very good notes on my listening habits this week, but let’s see what I can dig up:

  • “Arsenic”–The Loved Ones. I forget about this band all the time, but they are pretty good. Based out of Philly too! This song is a favorite of mine, probably because it sounds like a poppier Hot Water Music, which is kind of cool.
  • “iGeneration”–MC Lars. Fun little rap song about, uh, the iGeneration. In honor of the iPad coming out in a few weeks. I guess. My girlfriend, my best pal and myself were in a ridiculous hipster coffee shop in Brooklyn over the weekend, and there were people using like every make of iBook in existence at each of the tables. They were all facing the same direction, sitting by themselves and working on whatever. It was pretty weird and a little scary and surreal to be honest.
  • “The Desperation’s Gone”–NOFX (Their apostrophe, not mine). Another personal favorite from years long passed. One of those weird little layered songs from So Long and Thanks for all the Shoes that only gets better with time.