Delta Force is awesome and wonderful and hilarious, and if you don’t like it, there is something wrong with you. 

Well hey everybody, welcome to our first biweekly update! I know it’s a little comic, but I hope you enjoy it all the same! A major goal of ours is to eventually take the update pace of Lead Paint into the twice-weekly category, but that is a hard thing to pull off when:

A) You and your partner both work full-time, and frequently crazy hours at that

B) You are not a very good writer

But, some of these things are starting to change. I am still not a great writer, but I’m messing up less, and getting faster besides. Dana, already a reasonably nimble human, also grows quicker in her drawing pace each week. Bottom line: As we continue to suck less, you will continue to get more comics, which is obviously just what you need: more drawings of people vomiting or diving into vortex-possessed crotches.

The plan for now is that we’re going to try to give you double-updates once a month. That means don’t expect an extra update next week, though I will say that we’re already laying some schemes that could make weekly double-updates a permanent thing. These schemes are close to “cusping” if you will, so the wait to get double the Lead Paint in your life might not be that long.

Anyway, sorry for the completely contentless blog post, but I suppose it is important to fill you all in on what’s going on with the comic. I’d like to thank everyone to who’s been reading and sending us kind words these last few months. Your support makes our maddening and sometimes very frustrating quest to improve our silly comic much more tolerable, and Dana and I are both very grateful for it.

<3 Mike