Scarlet Witch probably could have been a little more direct in her warning. A “Hawkeye seriously, he’s going to cook your crotch like an elephant taser turned on a weasel,” likely would have been heeded better.  Also, I don’t know what made me pick Hawkeye to be the target of this strip. Even though most stories don’t really justify it anymore, he’s just always seemed like the ” token asshole Avenger” to me. You know that classic jerk cop who makes fun of you for having long hair and can usually be found hitting on the waitresses at the local Applebees? That’s always been Hawkeye to me.

I hope you guys enjoyed our second and final entry for March Modok Madness. If you haven’t stopped over in a while, you should go have a peak at the blog another time. There is a lot of really great stuff being put up this year, like this, this and these.

As for what else is going on, I don’t have much else to talk about, except for some …


Ready? HERE WE GO!

  • First things first, there is going to be a SECOND COMIC UPDATE THIS WEEK. ON WEDSNESDAY.  MARK THAT DOWN ON YOUR CALENDERS, FOR SERIOUS. This will be a permanent thing eventually, but for now, look for this to happen on a case-by-case basis, probably just once a month until Dana and I can acclimate ourselves to the increased workload. 
  • Number 2! Gravatars have been activated. Now you can put a sassy little idiosyncratic image along with your lovely comments! You’re welcome!
  • Three! Um … Dana and I are working on all kinds of cool things for the site! So, yeah! Look forward to that classiness coming your way in the future! What kind of stuff you ask? You’ll just have to wait and see! And now, this bullet isn’t just filler to justify my little list!

<3 Mike! (who also loves exclamation points today!)


  • “Better be Women”–The Dwarves. In honor of Dana’s lovely Scarlet Witch. Kind of sounds like every Vandals song you’ve ever heard, but that’s not a bad thing in my book. Catchy, upbeat and funny.
  • “@!#?@!”–Motion City Soundtrack. Off their new album, which in general I recommend pretty highly.
  • “Little Secrets”–Passion Pit. A hipster-tastic song that was linked up on Octopus Pie a few weeks ago, and I still love it.