Been a while since I’ve been on campus, but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten the comedy those times can bring.  Sorostitutes, hooknasties, whatever you want to call them, I’m always going to have a soft spot in my heart for the bleach-blond, sweatsuit-clad, hoop-earringed adversaries of  my college days.

No big ranty post today, just a few little things:

  • Dana convinced me to watch an episode of Jimmy Fallon’s late show, promising that she and her boyfriend were visible in the audience someplace, and that cool things like a live performance of Lazy Sunday happened. This was my first episode of Jimmy Fallon, and I’ve never wanted to kill myself more. Jimmy Fallon has to be literally the worst late-night host there has ever been. He has no ability to deliver jokes live that are in any way funny, and said jokes are so horrible and corny anyway that I doubt even Jay Leno would want them. Do yourselves a favor dear readers, and never, ever watch his show.
  • Dana and I are inexplicably becoming addicted to to Twitter. If you’re interested in keeping up on the hilarious banalities of our lives, you can give us a follow here.
  • I’m playing through Etrian Odyssey 2 again, which for those of you who aren’t familiar, it’s like a dungeon crawler game that has this really involved and cool mapmaking system. Basically, along with a bunch of other gameplay elements, you have to map like 30 floors of complicated-ass dungeon by hand. My point here is that, playing through again, I wondering just what exactly is wrong with my brain that I got such profound joy from mapping out imaginary places in meticulous detail. Thoughts, suggestions or curses are welcome.

<3 Mike


In honor of the hooknasties in this week’s comic, lets do some rap music.

  • “Dance with the Devil”–Immortal Technique. Serious business rap music for a serious time.
  • “Way of Life”–Dead Prez. I sure do love Dead Prez, mostly because their lyrics are just wonderful. Favorite phrase in this song? “Science of breath.” Favorite word? “Tincture.”
  • “Diamonds on the Inside”–Input. No words, just listen here.