That’s “Mental Organism Designed Only for Ogling” for those of you who have a hard time with acronyms. The poor green chick trying to hammer out a few thousand squats is none other than the Sensational She-Hulk in case you’re wondering.

Well hey everybody, welcome to our second March MODOK Madness strip! We hope you enjoy it, but if not, no worries. Next week’s strip is a non-MODOK strip, I promise!

I had a lot of fun making this strip. It was completely hilarious finding character references for Dana to work from, exposing her to all the absurdly trampy B-list superheroines of the Marvel U. Not being a huge superhero dork like me, Dana wasn’t too familiar with characters like Scarlet Witch, Ms. Marvel and Tigra, all of who where considered for different incarnations of this strip. Anyone who is a big mainstream comic fan, if you’re looking for a fun experiment, try explaining characters like Tigra to someone who is more or less a superhero-comic outsider. “Well Dana I don’t know, she’s like half-tiger, half chick. Her powers? Being half a tiger I guess. No, I don’t really get what that does for her either. Listen, forget all that, the important thing is that her uniform is just a small blue bikini.  No, no team logos or little utility belts or anything, just your standard Sports-Illustrated style bikini.”

Shifting gears from furry fantasy material, I wanted to thank everyone again who responded to last week’s blog post. I don’t think Dana or I expected a response on that scale, but I think it’s safe to say that we’re glad we were wrong. I know we have a decent chunk of readers, but separated from each other over Internets and computer screens as we are, it’s hard to really understand your existence beyond the little blips that show up on our traffic reports.  Thanks again for reading and your help, and we hope that you continue to enjoy our comic.

<3 Mike


Let’s get a little MODOK/MODOO theme going this week, shall we?

  • “Chick Magnet”–MXPX. Fun song by an otherwise terrible band. I imagine our MODOO singing this one to himself in the shower, or maybe on the commute to work in his AIM hovercar.
  • “Flacidism”–Guttermouth. The more I listen to them, the more I realize that Guttermouth is basically a collection of insane people who are somehow able to make music together. The song is about exactly what you think it is, but it’s worth mentioning how singer Mark Adkins sounds both like he’s drunk and dying at the same time during the song (and how incredibly hilarious it sounds).
  • “I Love My Computer”–Bad Religion. One of those heavy-handed Bad Religion songs that is kind of annoying, but still, I’m thinking this is how MODOO ends up spending most of his weekends.