Well hey everybody, welcome to the late edition of the Lead Paint blog. This week, I have a favor to ask of our small-yet-mighty readership. It relates to a friend of mine who is going to be starting either a graphic-novel style webcomic or a huge collection of print comics (think like a thousand or so pages, at the minimum) sometime in the near future. He’s not super-familiar with webcomics, and wanted me to find a bunch of examples of novel-like webcomics for him to look at, in order to study their format, story structuring, paneling, etc. I have a few suggestions of my own, but I thought I would ask all of you for suggestions as well. If it helps, here are a few facts about his project:

  • The project he’s working is fantasy-themed (as in goblins and knights, not in the general “head-in-the-clouds” sense), and also deals with multiple planes of reality
  • While it’s going to have humor and action, I guess overall the best way to define the story would be “adventure epic”
  • The paneling is going to be fairly cinematic and dynamic (as opposed to something like a standard nine-panel grid)
  • The art is stylized, but pretty detailed. It is most likely going to be in black and white
  • The story is is going to be structured in a continuous, novel-like way. As in “chapter 1, chapter 2,” etc.

Here are some of the suggestions I’m thinking of sending him:

I have a few others I’m thinking about, like Anders Loves Maria, but I need to read through them more first. So if you guys have any suggestions, even of print-only comics or regular, nongraphic fantasy novels, it would be much appreciated. Not only would you be helping out an artist-in-need, which should be reason enough, he’s also super-talented, so from a selfish perspective you’re making the smart move. The more you help my pal, the more you guarantee an awesome product coming your way in the future.

Thanks everybody, and see you on Sunday,

Edit 3/4/10: Good lord dear readers, thank you so much for all the responses! See my full thank-you like 11 posts down.