I know Comic book joke = inside joke that some of you might not get, but bear with me for a sec. ┬áSuper-hero culture is something very near and dear to me, and this upcoming event is something that I’d really like to promote.

“March MODOK Madness” celebrates one of the best villains ever to grace the pages of Marvel comics: the mighty MODOK. Wikipedia can explain it in better detail, but the gist of the character is that he’s a man, genetically altered by the evil scientists of AIM into a monstrous, telepathic and super-intelligent being. All these extra mental powers cause MODOK’s head to be become so large that he requires a mechanical exo-suit (complete with asshole-based thruster) in order to enjoy basic mobility. Originally intended to help AIM understand a super weapon they were building, MODOK rebels against his programing, kills his bosses, and uses his psychic powers to rule the organization and use it for his own purposes.

Last year, Dana introduced me to March MODOK Madness, a blog dedicated to honoring the bizarre and semi-disturbing villain. For the entire month, artists from all over will be submitting their own interpretations of the flying terror, some of which are pretty darn awesome. Dana participated last year, entering these wonderful pieces. This year, we will be entering as the amazing Lead Paint duo, me completing the non-job of coming up with ideas for Dana to use her vast talents.

The MODOK blog is something Dana and I both enjoyed last year, and we hope that some of you will follow it over the next month, getting the same pleasure. If not, don’t worry. There are plenty of vomiting meat golem and crotch-themed comics that will be appearing soon enough.

<3 Mike


  • “She’s Famous Now”–Reel Big Fish. Catchy tune that has a superior live version due to inclusion of more curse words and some fun Gwen Stefani jokes.
  • “Wicked Sensitive Crew”–Dropkick Murphys. One of the funnier Dropkick songs, whatever that means. About the proliferation of Good-Charlotte type bands that are as poppy and fluffy as can be, but for some reason feel the need to dress like punk-rock gangsters from cellblock skullfuck.
  • “Hurt Feelings”–Flight of the Concords. Kind of like the above Dropkick Murphys song, except from the perspective of the musician. It’s sung from the perspective of two rappers complaining that no one takes their feelings into consideration.