Kate is easily my least favorite character on Lost, even more so than Walt, Shannon or Claire. I really like her cool, escaping-from-the-cops-adventures, but the millisecond those stop, she immediately becomes incredibly annoying. Almost nothing she says or does has any logical causality, and I’ve no idea why Jackface or Sawyer are remotely interested in her, ever, besides the fact that she is basically the only tail on the island. 

Very excited for the new season though. I’m so curious about the endings that a bunch of characters are going to get, like what is going to be Ben’s ultimate fate, hero or villain? Is Jack going to become the bad-assed leader I love so dearly again? Is Sawyer going to survive the season? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

I don’t know that I have anything interesting to say about my trip to Dallas. I didn’t get to see too much of the city, being there on work, but I’ll do my best to lay some facts on you (for those that have never been I guess. Otherwise, you have your own facts to lay):

  • People actually wear cowboy hats and those big, goofy belt buckles. Not everyone, just here and there you’ll see someone standin’ tall in his/her Texas finery.
  • The Texas accent is sloooooooooowwwww. “How-dee pard-ner, how a-bout you and I talk a-bout belt buck-els for a whi-ile? Would that be all-right?” I mean, I know being from Jersey, I talk a mile a minute and infix “fuck” into every other word, so I’m no conversational peach, but jesus christ people, let’s speed things up.
  • The buildings are huge and spaced out a smidge farther than what I’m used to, and they are like no people walking around in the city (I heard this is because Dallas is a big commuter city?), so the city has this weird, empty cavernous feel.
  • There is meat everywhere. In everything. Not the most awesome place to be a vegetarian unless you’re fine with your hotel pillows being giant sides of ribs and all TV channels being 24/7 MeatDonalds* commercials.

On the road this week, so not a lot of time to dig up too much that’s cool, so why don’t we try a theme this week. Um, how about, “Dudes dealing with Ladies?”

  • “Holiday Parade”–Samiam. A rocking little tune about a man that is unhappy with how his lady treats him. High energy with some drum parts that I am particularly fond.
  • “Don Juan”–Suburban Legends. Ska song with a dude explaining the origins of his success with the ladies. Catchy with cute lyrics.
  • “Fell in Love Without You (acoustic)”–Motion City Soundtrack. A good one, provided you’re not afraid to let your emoflag fly once and a while.

Don’t forget to come back on Weds. to see Dana’s next blog post.

<3 Mike 

*MeatDonalds is the Texas equivelent of McDonalds. It is more or less the same, except its food is served without bread, cheese or any of the other salmonela-infested roughage typically available at the national chains. Their mascot, Ronald MeatDonald, is made entirely of raw, unfrozen hamburger meat, and only communicates in screams and wet burbles of barbecue sauce.