It sure does suck when a friendly conversation about crotch-kicks takes an awkward turn.

HEY EVERYBODY. WELCOME TO THE NEW SITE. KIND OF. Dana and I are still working out the kinks, but this is more or less our new site design. There are a couple features we’re still working on, like:

  • Restoring the navigation arrows in the top-right of the menubar
  • Big nice buttons instead of the lame text links in lower navigation bar
  • Avatars next to Dana’s/my posts
  • Favicon other than the comicpress default
  • Random comic button

Some of these are very easy, like the favicon and the random button, but I haven’t gotten around to them since I’ve still struggling with some of the other problems on the site. The reason for all our struggles is that Comicpress 2.8 uses an entirely different coding structure than its previous versions. I’d gotten pretty good at hacking and tweaking the old structure, but now it’s so different that I’m having to teach myself a ton of new things, which is why it’s taking me so damn long to fix seemingly simple things.  Thank you everyone for your patience, and I hope to have everything nice, functional and sexy as soon as I can. Unfortunately, I do also have to write the comic, and have another business trip coming up, so I can’t say when exactly things will be “perfect.”

But, aside from some of the missing pieces, what does everyone think of the new site? Dana and I would love to know, so please don’t be shy in sharing your thoughts.


  • “If you own the Washington Redskins, You’re a C**k”–Atom and his Package. In honor of pro football nearing a close, a song about the incredibly racist naming of certain sports teams. Fun and punky with some hilarious lyrical imagery.
  • “Dearly Beloved (acoustic)”–Bad Religion. Haunting tune with really enjoyable  staggered call-and-response singing. There is a non-acoustic version as well, though I prefer the minimalism of the unplugged one myself.
  • “Never Forget You”–Noisettes. A motowny song, updated with rock instrumentation that is basically impossible to dislike. I realize this is an empty descriptor, but this song is just so pretty, you really have to listen to it to see what I’m talking about. (Thanks YouTube!And while you’re at it, here are the Noisettes covering the Killers “When You Were Young,” totally kicking ass!)

Also, last but not least, I think Dana and I are going to start updating the site on Wednesday with an extra blog post. Dana is writing it this week, so come back in a few days if you want to see what’s going on in her murderous, murderous skull.