A comic about tentacle rape after coming back from Las Vegas. Kismet anyone?

If you’ve no idea what tentacle rape is, google at your own peril (really, really really not safe for work).

This week I’m going to (finally) be updating our web site. Besides all the visual and technical changes, I have to do some work on the back end, so if I crash the shit out of everything, please forgive me. I’m not expecting any calamities, but then, that’s thing about calamities: you don’t expect them.

I’m hoping all the work will be done by next Sunday.


  • “Hospital Beds”–Cold War Kids. A fun little piano beat + lead singer Nathan Willett’s pleasant yowling = a good time.
  • “Nothing Compares 2 U”–Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. Probably my favorite Me First song, the happy, punked-up ’50s instrumentation is somehow perfect for an otherwise melancholy piece. That and the vocals add an air of petulant sarcasm that I can’t help but find really appealing and fitting given the song’s subject matter. I’ve never heard the original version, which was written by Prince for a band called “The Family,” but you can find the popular Sinead O’Connor version pretty easily here or here.
  • “She-Wolf”–Megadeth. A pick for Lead Paint’s metal fans this week. Megadeth’s album Cryptic Writings is a definite favorite from my youth, She-Wolf being one of best tracks off that CD. Both ridiculous and awesome at the same, I challenge anyone to listen to this song and not marvel at how hard it rocks while simultaneously being baffled by its absurdity. What kind of absurdity you ask? Well, here are the first few lines of lyrics: “The mother of all that is evil/ Her lips are poisonous venom/ Wicked temptress knows how to please/ The priestess roars, ‘Get down on your knees.’”

<3 Mike