Pretty soon, Avery is probably going to close her eyes and just daydream about Delta Force.

Happy post-annual gift day everyone! I hope everyone received a few excellent presents this year. I myself picked up Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes for the DS, as well as the Hulk vs. Wolverine/Thor DVD, which perhaps I’ll write a little about later. More importantly though,  if anyone has any awesome presents they want to talk about, they should do it in the comment section, because I think we all know it’s a fun thing to talk about gifts and their associated radness.

Say you don’t want to talk about presents though. In fact, you’re pretty sure you want to talk about some moving pictures. IT’S TOTALLY COOL, DON’T WORRY, I CAN DO THAT.

SHERLOCK HOLMES: I was not that impressed. I don’t know, I guess I’m becoming a kind of action movie curmudgeon, but I thought the movie was lacking in a bunch of places. There are things most would assume to be lame in the movie, like overly predictable plot points and Rachel McAdams plain-yogurt-with-tits acting method, but in a Christmas “Blockbuster” movie, that kind of crap is sort of expected. What’s not okay though is a main plot that makes no sense overall and a villain who might as well be Dr. Evil from Austin Powers. It’s hard to talk about the movie without spoiling things, so let me just say if you can’t handle villains with using complicated and unnecessary Dr. Evil-esque methods to try and rule the world or kill the main characters, then you need to skip this movie because it happens like 10 times.

I get that the villain is supposed to be a sadistic egomaniac/crazy person, but even still, most of his schemes seem set up with one of the primary goals being “totally fail and let Sherlock Holmes ruin everything.”

Speaking of failure, check out this video I found on the internets. It’s an actual how-to video on how to make GRILLED CHEESE. Some of our older readers might remember this comic we wrote about the disgusting sandwich from way back. To this day, months and months after being published, it’s still one of our most popular comics. Not only that, we actually get a lot of search traffic from google from people keying in “how to make a grilled cheese sandwich,” which is horrible because who the hell can’t figure that one out?

This video does not really answer that question, though it does assume that anyone watching it is completely retarded. It’s the most literal and meanest instructional on how to make grilled cheese that anyone could reasonably expect to find on the web. I highly recommend giving it a watch, if for nothing else than to be able to ask yourself, “who the hell could be that stupid to actually need ANY of this advice?”

<3 Mike