My favorite part of this comic is looking at the tiny sliver of screen we can see on Colin’s TV and trying to guess what video game he’s playing. I doubt Dana intended this, but I swear to God it looks like he’s playing Dragon Warrior, which was basically my favorite game as a kid. So what I’m getting at is I’m pretty sure Dana is telepathic.

Not much else too exciting to report. I’ve wrapped up my two weeks of hell at work, which is predictably rad. Less rad is the fact that we got slutted here in the Philly area with about two feet of snow. TWO FEET. So I’m pretty tired from shoveling snow all day. I do want to make sure before I sign off this week’s post that I thank everyone who has been reading our comic this year.

I do not like to get in the habit of speaking for Dana, but I know that we’re in agreement for how great you all have been this year. This has been a rough year for everyone, but for Dana and I, you’ve all done a lot to make it really fantastic. So thanks again, and next week hopefully I’ll be back to blogging about the best kind of dragon or if muppets were real, what kinds of drugs to do you think they would like.

<3 Mike